Step 1: Go through our database below, select the Country and Category of your products and visit the suppliers website and bookmark which suppliers/products you like the most.

Step 2:  Most suppliers have an online wholesale application form to fill in – so check their website for this.  If they don’t have an online form, just visit their contact page and email them the below (you don’t need to call them necessarily – most suppliers prefer to speak over email or have you follow their online registration process.

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Good morning,

I own a business, XXX (insert business name) that sells XXX products and I came across your business & feel that your products would be a great fit for my store.  Could you email me more information on your wholesale trading terms, ordering process, pricing, shipping costs, min orders, drop shipping? etc and any other relevant information.

We will be heavily marketing online via social media channels, Google and retargeted marketing & we have partnered with a consultancy firm to ensure we gain a lot of brand exposure and new customers.

Look forward to hearing from you,



  • Don’t disclose that you have just started an online business – try to give the impression that you have been in business for a while
  • Try not to mention that you are only online – give the impression you have a bricks and mortar store as well as online (don’t lie of course, but don’t call and say “I have an online shop etc”)
  • Use the correct terminology when speaking with suppliers: RRP (recommended retail price); Wholesale (wholesale price – price that you pay); eCommerce (online store)
  • They may ask you questions about your marketing initiatives and your customer service so just say something along the lines of “we market our store mainly online through Google adwords and social media campaigns and we have a 24 hour free call number and email contact for customer service support”
  • When your application has been approved they will then grant you access to product information, price lists & images. All suppliers operate differently, some of them have an online ordering system, some prefer you to email the orders through.


Try to search: health, baby, furniture